Saturday, January 26, 2013

1600 Penn

Another TV show review!

"1600 Penn" is a new NBC sitcom featuring the ups and downs of the family of the White House. While I appreciate this idea in theory, the show, so far, sucks. I think there's been like, 3 episodes? They kind of all blur into each other.

I'll start with the good.

  • I like the fact that the First Lady is the step-mom of the president's children. I don't know if that's ever been the case in reality before, but either way, there's some diversity and good stuff there. I'm not sure why the biological mother of the children isn't a character in this show, or why she hasn't even been mentioned, though. Her appearance could make for some good drama/ emotional family learning experiences.
  • I like that the oldest child isn't the super uptight responsible child you might picture for the president's children. 
  • I like the actors. 
  • I like the clothes.
  • I like that in the last episode I watched, there may have been a hint of a relationship between the president's oldest daughter and the guy in charge of the press relations. A White House family-White House staff relationship could be awesome (if it isn't the whole "prince and pauper" trope).
  • There is some comedic potential in the president bringing his personal, family issues into his top-secret military meetings, and all of the stuffy generals discussing it together.

Really, the place where everything falls short is the characters themselves. They are all SO FUCKING FLAT. The president is only the protective father who has to learn that he can't always use his secret service to save his poor daughter. The first lady is only the poor frantic woman who is trying to hold everything together, but ends up breaking all the china that symbolizes the relationship between Austria and the US. The oldest son is only the hippie? Pothead? Whatever. Lazy free spirit who would rather do magic than be responsible. And so far, the oldest daughter has only been freaking out because even though she's usually really responsible and uptight, she had a one-night-stand and now she's pregnant. 

I just really don't care about these characters at all.

I swear to God, every female in the show is making the clenched-teeth "oh noes!" face. All the time. This one:

See the face Dharma is making? See?!
So unless you want to watch NBC's fruitless attempt at appealing to audiences with shows that aren't anything like "30 Rock," and "The Office," - or unless you want to watch a show that makes you feel like you need to go to the dentist after for teeth grinding - don't watch this.

Also, can't we let the first lady and the oldest daughter wearing something other than super tight dresses and super high heels that makes it difficult for them to even walk??? Can't they wear a pantsuit?

Just don't watch it.

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