Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 1

Today I'd like to write about my life a little bit.

I graduated last month with an English B.A. I spent as much time as I could last semester applying for jobs: a grueling process. I had very few good options because the field I want to go into - writing and editing - is pretty limited. Any jobs I applied for that would help me further my career needed more experience than I had. I had a few interviews with jobs that I considered fallback, but they either didn't go anywhere or were for positions that were much less promising than originally seemed.

I hate feeling like I have to settle for work that I will be unhappy at. But also, I hate feeling like my husband, who is a student, will have all the pressure of earning an income for both of us.

I'm trying my best to stay positive about starting this process over again. Last semester was absolutely terrible (car crashes, wedding planning, looking for an apartment and then moving into it, etc.), but after a long vacation, an amazing wedding, and a great honeymoon, this semester (can I call it a "semester" when I'm not a student?) is looking much better.

A few goals I'm trying to keep while job-hunting:

  1. Waking up (and staying up) every morning when Colby does.
  2. Wearing pants until Colby comes home from work/school.
  3. Always being optimistic.
  4. Working on job-hunting every day, but also pacing myself so I don't get burned out/depressed. 
  5. Being productive with other things when I'm not working on job hunting (i.e. household chores, thank you cards, etc.)
However, if you are in need of a passionate and above-average writer and practiced editor, please feel free to put me out of my misery. 

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