Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Another artist I like ...

... is Michael Summers. Colby and I went to San Diego for our honeymoon (woo!), and found this artist in a gallery in the Seaport area. Which is gorgeous, by the way, and I want to live there forever now.

Here are a few of the pieces we saw:

"Right as Rain"

"A Mother's Love"

Pretty cool, right? He's got this awesome surrealist thing going on. I love the contrast of colors.

My favorite one is this robot one: 

"Be Still My Heart"
It really isn't surprising that this is my favorite one, considering my love of sci-fi. But still!!! I love the contrast of nature with technology, as well as the colors again. Plus, the pitiable robot is so appealing.

Also, it may not surprise you that I like this artist if you saw my other artist highlight on Takashi Murakami. They are kind of similar in a way. Do you see it?

So Merry Christmas and go to San Diego, my new favorite place!

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